Product LifeCycle Management

The life cycle of a product ranges from the initial product idea and product development through production and sales to maintenance and market removal.

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An experienced team of PLM and CAx experts supports our customers with extensive know-how and experience in dealing with industry- and company-specific challenges, especially in the fields of shipbuilding, aerospace and mechanical engineering. SWMS sees itself not only as a
service provider, but also as a reliable partner in the development process. This self-image is expressed in our striving for an individual competitive advantage, increased performance and simultaneously decreasing costs for our customers' processes.

Customized Solution

We individually develop the right solution for your automation of your PLM or
CAx application.

Process Analysis

We analyse your processes and
identify hidden potentials and risks in
a holistic way.

Requirements Engineering

Together with you, we determine the requirements for your software solution, specify solutions and lay down preconditions.

Aerospace Know-how

Our experts from the aerospace industry will support you in solving the industry-specific challenges of innovative solutions.

Shipbuilding Know-how

Our extensive experience in shipbuilding enables us to discuss challenges in the maritime environment with you at eye level.

Robotics Know-How

Our CAM experts bring extensive knowledge in offline programming of robot systems to your projects.

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Automated Deburring Module

With the software suite ADM you can bring your manufacturing know-how even better into your offline programming.
The powerful extensions allow you to deburr even the most demanding workpieces quickly, reliably and process-safe on the computer.

Attribute Definition Tool

The "Attribute Definition Tool" for Catia V5 simplifies this preparation process considerably by combining geometric and technological rivet definitions.
The solution loads the basic data of the geometric model into the user interface and supports the processing of rivet groups as well as the individual adaptation of the individual rivet.

Advanced Program Compensation

The use of APC ensures greater flexibility due to the compensation of riveting positions. How far the component deviates from the model can be checked on the machine before production.

"Bright ideas are generated in dark mode"

SWMS Employee

Expertise about PLM

The area Product Lifecycle Management deals with the systems and strategies of PLM, provided CAx systems, their application and improvement.

Definition: Product-LifeCycle-Management

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the common abbreviation for Evolution, Manufacturing and Support. It starts with the first product designs and ends with the decommissioning. The core of product lifecycle management ...

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is development and production. The data in this area is managed with product data management solutions (PDM systems). Cross-company PDM solutions such as Teamcenter from Siemens PLM Software are used to ensure a seamless flow of information. This means that suppliers and customers always have the same level of knowledge. In addition to PDM systems, ERP, CAD and CAM systems are further components of PLM.


Automated Deburring Module

In certain mechanical processes, such as cutting and milling, irregularities may occur in the product, which have to be removed. The Automated Deburring Module, or ADM for short, is designed to accelerate this ...

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process and reduce costs. Deburr even demanding workpieces quickly and dependably on the computer. Time-consuming programming on the machine and extensive reworking are a thing of the past. The ADM Suite has the right tool for every requirement. For more information, simply visit the product page of our tool and let us convince you.

CAD Development

SWMS deals with the development of additional software for the CAD system CATIA V5 as well as for NX. In addition, training is offered for these two systems, concepts and ...

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CAD methodologies are developed, as well as the planning of working methodologies and the introduction or conversion of CAD systems are implemented.


CATIA is a product development software developed by the French manufacturer "Dassault Systèmes" and is used worldwide mainly in industry. Since the 1970s, the CAx program has established itself in many companies in automotive, ...

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aerospace and many other industrial sectors. The application is divided into modules within several workbenches, which are available to the user depending on the license. The focus is not only on the mechanical design of individual parts and their assembly, but also on the development of control and free-form surfaces. It is also possible to simulate kinematic processes using the DMU module (Digital Mock-Up) and effects on solids using FEM (Finite Element Method). Tools for NC programming are also available.

Computer Aided Design

Nowadays, products are designed using 3D CAD systems. The spatial representation offers a better idea of the construction. The 3D CAD systems CATIA from Dassault Systèmes and NX from Siemens ...

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PLM Software have established themselves in aircraft and automobile construction. In addition to pure geometry data, the goal today is to provide all the information necessary for the product lifecycle, especially for manufacturing.

Digital Twin

A digital twin is the virtual representation of a real object. Whether the objects already exist in the physical world is initially irrelevant for the digital twin. Through simulations or analyses, ...

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errors in the design and manufacture of new processes or products can be avoided before and during production. The reasons for this virtual representation are increased efficiency and shorter development cycles.

Knowledge-Based Engineering

Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) refers to the integration of specialist knowledge, rules or process sequences into CAD design, enabling the designer to influence design decisions. Geometric and ...

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technological data can be linked via formulas and rules. Checks can be used to check their accuracy. By integrating KBE, errors during design can be reduced and recurring design processes can be mapped in KBE methods. The KBE methods are available throughout the enterprise and contribute to an increase in model quality and productivity.

Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering deals with manufacturing processes and production methods. On the basis of a new or updated product, Manufacturing Engineering develops processes, ...

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tools, machines and plants in order to achieve the most efficient production possible. Ideally, the design department and manufacturing engineering are in close contact to ensure a cost-efficient production process. Product data management systems usually provide the information platform.


NC (Numerical Control) programming systems in conjunction with CAD systems can be divided into two groups. Programming can be done with an external application or with ...

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a programming system integrated into the CAD system. Both options have their advantages and should be used according to specific requirements. An integrated NC programming system is used, for example, in the Siemens NX CAD/CAM system.


NX is a 3D CAD/CAM/CAE system developed and distributed by Siemens PLM Software. NX is used in product development in the aerospace and automotive industries. The system has ...

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been used since the mid-1960s in the design environment of automotive and aircraft manufacturers. Like most CAD systems, NX has a modular structure. The software therefore consists of a few basic modules and several optional expansion modules. The basic modules include, for example, the modules Design and Drawing Creation. Extensions are also available for shipbuilding, for example.


Interface to Third Systems

A programming interface "API" (Application Programming Interface) of a software application is generally used to connect to other software applications. These interfaces of the ...

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different systems make it possible for us to construct extension software and to give you a competitive advantage.


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