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Conception and requirements engineering

With ideas, strategy workshops and analyses, you will quickly become project capable and tackle your projects successfully. Modern IoT, cloud and shop floor IT are the strategic basis for the new world of Industry 4.0.

If you want to ensure the long-term success of your company, you should consider technology-based solutions. He must have extensive knowledge of his own strategy and the associated requirements. Then it quickly becomes apparent that the development of an individually tailored digitization strategy is all too often the prerequisite for successful digitization projects. For the entrepreneur, information technology is no longer an enemy that drives up expenses, but the partner who develops unique selling points and optimizes core processes in the best possible way.

The development of your digitization strategy is based on your requirements for your future processes and on a comparison of the available technology options. Only a simultaneous understanding of process/product and technology enables creative ideas and optimal strategic decisions. At the same time, it makes sense to involve those responsible for the process and employees at an early stage and to develop creative solutions with the help of idea and strategy workshops and analyses.

Ideas & Kick Off

With a first workshop we offer a comprehensive insight into the things behind the terms Internet of Things, digitization and Industry 4.0.

Concrete planning of your own Industrial Internet strategy and project planning.

Result: Digital Strategy & Plan


Once promising IoT ideas and digital concepts are developed, their positive business impact will be verified in a timely and cost-effective manner.

To this end, we provide proof of concept through a joint feasibility study followed by a prototype of the system.

Result: Concrete prototype and feasibility study as well as a template for the development of the productive solution


We support the implementation of your IoT solution.

We implement the development of the application and/or the hardware with you and control the project.

We offer independent advice and transfer know-how.

Result: Sustainable and competitive IoT system or digital solution

Our customers formulate their questions to us as follows:

We want all employees to identify with our IT strategy. How do we manage to achieve acceptance at an early stage, with which we can achieve the transformation to more and more digital processes?

Planning for more modern IT often ends in endless deliberations about finding the one standard system that fully supports our processes. We don't know where standard makes sense and where we have to deviate. We shy away from complex customizing.

We have innovative and IT-savvy employees who already use IT as a daily tool to make their work easier. However, we are afraid that this commitment will develop into an unmanageable shadow IT.

How do we manage to make IT trends our own so that we can expand our product and service portfolio in the future? We shy away from our own software developments with modern topics such as IoT and cloud.