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Possibilities of digitization

The Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 have given rise to countless possibilities and tools to digitally transform your own company, regardless of the industry. A selection of our projects and customers:

Conception of BDE and MES in variant production

The company has dealt with the question of how the manufacturing processes can be better supported and optimized by IT systems. Together with SWMS, an order management system was developed that orchestrates modern IT technologies and makes the manufacturing processes more transparent, efficient and error-free. The system is future-proof and flexibly adaptable.

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3000 data points from 15 OPC servers

Our project example describes the successful implementation of an IoT project in which we developed a turnkey solution for a customer to transfer and visualize 3000 data points from 15 OPC servers to an IoT database. We explain the challenges our client had in integrating many different devices and data sources, and

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Access to field data in the spreadsheet

The management and controlling of our customer - a medium-sized company active in industrial services - uses Microsoft Excel to plan, control and evaluate the operational activities. The almost 100 employees are on site at the systems on behalf of the customer, so that billable personnel hours to be performed, the available resources and the current

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