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Product & Service Design

Efficient digital processes or the connection of your products to the Internet: With modern IT, the sustainable implementation of digital products and services - from the proof of concept to operation - with special attention to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Many products and processes are becoming more digital and their market access is often easier than ever today. Anyone who was already thinking digitally could often benefit from this even in the crisis situation. Digital aspects in products provide the user with additional functions and added value. They also mean that the associated business models are changing and that new opportunities to monetize your products and services are emerging - especially in comparison to competitors. Last but not least, digitization is the foundation for optimizing internal processes - for you and your customers.

Design your processes and products in such a way that they fit the business model of your company and, above all, the requirements of the users, whether customers or employees. There is no point in simply connecting any "thing" to the Internet without understanding the needs of the users. Set up your new offers in such a way that your skills are conveyed in the best possible way through your digital product or digital service.

Our customers formulate their questions to us as follows:

We want to use the Internet of Things for our product in order to earn more and more money from services in the future. How do we commit to the right technology and platform?

Our internal processes are complex and individual and are constantly being improved and optimized, which makes it difficult to use IT in production. How can we still move from paper-based orders to digital processes?

In our role as a service provider, we integrate ourselves into the processes of our clients. In order to be competitive, however, we urgently need to streamline our administrative processes. How do we manage this balancing act?

We mainly build machines, but more and more customers are demanding data connections, Industry 4.0 capability and accompanying software tools. How do we create this offer and integrate it into our strategy?