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Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Data from processes and products is your new gold - with BI, machine learning and artificial intelligence you can unearth this treasure - with your data for your tailor-made decision support.

The consulting service in the field of data analytics and machine learning offers industrial companies of all sizes tailor-made decision support. By combining business intelligence (BI), machine learning and artificial intelligence, process and product data are transformed into valuable insights. As an agile, flexible and innovative SME, this service is characterized in particular by extensive expertise in the acquisition, processing and visualization of industrial data.

Core areas of consulting services:

  1. data acquisition: Industrial companies are supported in collecting and consolidating relevant data from their business processes and products in order to create a solid basis for analysis.
  2. data processing: The data is prepared through cleaning, integration and transformation to make it usable for advanced analysis methods and machine learning models.
  3. data analysis: With the help of the latest analysis methods and artificial intelligence, patterns, connections and anomalies in the data are recognized and sound recommendations are made based on them.
  4. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence: Custom machine learning models are developed, specifically tailored to the business problems and goals of the industrial companies, to enable precise predictions and automation solutions.
  5. visualization: The insights gained are presented in easy-to-understand and attractive visualizations so that employees can benefit from the results quickly and efficiently.


Overall, this consulting service offers a comprehensive solution for industrial operations of all sizes to unlock their hidden potential in the data. By using Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and BI the treasure hidden in processes and products is unearthed.

Operations are carried out in the implementation and integration of the developed solutions into theirs existing business processes and systems helped to ensure seamless decision support. Training and ongoing support are offered to ensure that the employees of the industrial companies the use the developed solutions effectively and can exploit the full potential of data analytics and machine learning technologies.

Our customers formulate their questions to us as follows:

Our devices and machines already record a large amount of data. How can we identify systematic problems from technical sensor data and how can we use this for condition-based maintenance strategies for us and our customers?

Many of our processes are supported by the ERP system and generate data. In order to achieve tactical and strategic evaluations, we often rely on spreadsheets. How do we get the manual data acquisition process under control for this?

The way in which we collect our data repeatedly leads to problems in later evaluation. Information that we need requires far too complex data transformations. How can we collect data as generically as possible in processes in order to serve different stakeholders?

We still lack some data for the operation of our technical systems, as these are technically difficult to determine. What possibilities do machine learning and artificial intelligence offer to determine additional information from image-based data?