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We help to the next league with IoT, Cloud, Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence.

We don't force you into a digitization corset - we support you with your idea - from concept to implementation.

Marco Lewandowski

Managing Director

Digitization is not the same as digitization – The successful transformation of your company will succeed if you make the possibilities of IT your own in a holistic way. Unlike many of our competitors, we don't put a ready-made digitization corset on you.

With modern IT tools, we design together with you Lean and sustainable digital transformation of your processes and products and transfer our know-how in your development and your operational processes!

Our services

Our technology consulting offers innovative solutions, extensive expert knowledge and individual strategies for your digital success.

Concept & requirements

With Ideas, strategy workshops and analyses you will quickly become project capable and approach your projects successfully. Modern IoT, cloud and shop floor IT are the strategic basis for the new world of Industry 4.0.

Product & Service Design

efficient digital processes or the connection of your products to the Internet: With modern IT, the sustainable implementation of digital products and services - from the proof of concept to operation - with special attention to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Data from processes and products are your new gold - with BI, machine learning and artificial intelligence unearth this treasure - with your data for your tailor-made decision support.

Solutions for the industry

The success of digitization is often based on flexibility and agility. Our proven software-based solutions serve as a blueprint to digitally work out your individual unique selling proposition - not a standard but like a Industry 4.0 app store.

Learn more about the possibilities of digitization

We don't just follow the trends. We anticipate your challenges and future opportunities.

The Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 have provided countless opportunities and tools to digitally transform your own company, regardless of the industry. A selection of ours projects and customers:

Small and medium-sized companies as well as international corporations use our expertise and solutions to digitally expand their businesses.​

Contact us and make your own digital strategy something special.


Your company, your product and your process are in focus.

The use of innovative technologies increases potential and achieves tangible results. 

In order to position yourself properly for the future, bold steps are necessary in terms of the use of digital technologies that will more or less transform your company. We advise you, but our greatest concern is to enable you as our customer to make optimal and sustainable decisions regarding IT and technology related to your company.

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